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The Last Show

The Last Show… the closing of Comedian Deconstruction! Share the Moment with us! Its FREE!
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It’s the end of the show and we won’t you there. This is the last chance you will get to see the most original comedy format on this hemisphere! The show ran for 4.5 years Jess Carpenter the original host and creator will be the last to be Deconstructed and the line up is the same line up as his first headline spot in his career. Nick Grinups and Tim Ramus will be that amazing combination to send the show out with a bang! We could have never had the show without Bed Savage the best improv team in town.

Come out for the last Comedian Deconstruction and tell your friends it’s Free.11329912_920248801330336_8825351816853524418_n
On April 21st you can see Nick Grinups perform at the last Comedian Deconstruction. I had the pleasure to watch this young man tell his first joke and see him grow as a comedian. I am honored to have had him on my show as a Virgin comedian and have him open for me the first time I ever headlined.
Nick’s been doing stand-up for one year, he discovered he liked performing while taking a class at Drexel. He talks about his ideas on life family and his girlfriend! Has performed in Philadelphia and New Jersey!

11351164_920248697997013_9080279102073800434_nWe are lucky to have my good friend Tim on this show. He always make a great impression with the audience and has a way of making my shows memorable! Tim Raymus is a songwriting comedian who started making waves on the Philadelphia comedy scene in 2012. With songs ranging from failing relationships to evil corporations, Tim sings with a passion that is as fervent as it is absurd. Tim has can be seen all around the tri-state area and has been featured on the San Diego Comedy Festival and the New York Funny Songs Festival.

So come out and see the last Deconstruction with Me Jess Carpenter as the Headliner.