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The Joke Gym

58952_524712584258930_1378770606_nIts a new Mic on the 4th Tuesdays at The Grape Room​, that means that there is an open mic at there 3 out of 4 Tuesdays! Sign ups at 8:30, Show starts at 9:00! $3 PBRs and lots of fun, Great stage and great time. Lets Do this.

For those who missed last week here is the deal during the show there are cards on the bar and tables and you can write a suggestion of a topic. We will choose 5 topics from the suggestions. You can write a or some jokes based on the topics and if you are going to participate in this aspect of the mic you get an extra min of stage time giving you 6 min not 5. and you go on earlier. The audience will vote on your jokes and the best new joke win a 10 min spot during the show.