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September 20th

Reymond Drew is a transgender writer and artist (and sometimes comedian) who can usually be found behind the scenes in the lighting and sound booth at Comedian Deconstruction. Rey views his work as a subversive activist tool to push forward the evolution of understanding and discussion of transgender identities and experiences. Rey has been doing comedy in Philly for the past few years, and he is most excited that on October 16th his short story The Cafe will be published in the first-ever collection of transgender short stories titled The Collection: Stories from the Transgender Vanguard. He lives in Germantown with his fiancee, cats, turtle and other random foster critters.

Juliet Hope Wayne: was named Best Comedian In Philadelphia 2012 by Philadelphia Magazine. She is the first female to win the Moth Storytelling Grand slam in New York City and has also won the Philadelphia First Person Arts Storytelling Grand slam and has been featured on the Moth’s Podcast, and Radio Hour on NPR.



Tim Butterly is one the Our Favorite comedians, both a good guy and a great entertainer you will have a fantastic time with his set. He will give you a great insight into a Philadelphia you may not really know. He is both smart and clever with out” a look how clever that joke was” kind of attitude. You will be happy you got to see him now when you see in on TV… He is another comedian we see going places.



 Second Half  



Bradley’s first booked show was at an Applebee’s.BRADLEY BECK: Known for his dark and brutally honest introspective performances, Bradley Beck is one of the most intense, and occasionally silliest comics in Philadelphia’s alt-comedy scene. Bradley has performed at the 2012 F. Harold Comedy Festival, Dark Comedy Festival on tour in Philadelphia, and has won first place at West Philly’s Not While I’m Eating comedy contest four times.




Cock Hat is an independent, long-form improv team, mostly hailing from Philadelphia. Formed by Stephan Clanton, Frank Farrell and Sam Scavuzzo, Cock Hat is happy to introduce its newest team members, Sunny Kanneganti and Hannah Datz. Catch them monthly at the Grape Room in Manayunk, on the second Wednesday.




Steve Miller Miller is a one of a kind act that you will never find another comedian or person like. He will give you a view his life like no other can. He aslo will show your Philadelphia through the eyes of an outsider. You will never look at math or Septa the same way again!