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Sep 2013

The Super Awesome 2 year Anniversary show!

2year anniversary

The Super Awesome 2 year Anniversary show for Comedian Deconstruction. We are celebrating two great years of comedy and improv.  We are so happy to have had 2 years and want thank all those who supported us! This month the Producer wants in on the action so it’s our turn to get some of the action! What better gift to us that a good old deconstruction!  Geoff Jackson will have the great pleasure of having our very own House improv team Bed Savage deconstruct his set! Jess Carpenter is going to be Deconstructed by the  Musical improv group Suggestical that will turn his jokes into a Broadway style play!
With Special Guests to help us kick the night off are Jason Falco and Brian Finnell with Valerie DiMambro and Dugan McShain as your Hosts for the evening! Come out for one of our best shows yet.