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October 20th

October 20th “Opening Night!”

Show Theme:The Mean Streets of the NJ Burbs!

This Month we will be Deconstructing the Sets of:

LaTice Mitchell-Klapa:

LaTice was born and raised in the suburbs of South Jersey and has turned the challenges of being black in a white neighborhood into comedy. Her conversational style makes you feel like

you’re in her living room laughing about her interracial marriage, being a parent, reality TV, and her day-to-day encounters with racism.
LaTice will pull you right into her world the minute she steps on stage, with her zest for life and positive energy. She has crowds laughing out loud until she says goodnight.


John Deal:

John Deal had a promising comedy career until he got behind a microphone. Growing up on the mean streets of suburban New Jersey, you’ll feel his angst as he vocalizes the struggles of the middle-aged white American male and the difficult decisions he’s faced with, like whether to watch streaming Netflix or get the Blu Ray because the picture is so much better…he keeps it real.

The Improv Groups Doing the dirty work:

Where’s Hillary?

is a longform improv troupe made up of graduates of the Philly Improv Theater training center. Coached by Emily Davis, the group has performed at the F.Harold Comedy Festival, Philly Improv Theater, and mostly recently in the Fringe Festival. Troupe members are Steven Swan, Jason Smith, Hillary Rea, Gwen Mesco, and the lovely Amy Nash.


Horner & Davis 

Even if you have seen Horner & Davis over 100 times it just keeps getting better! Rick Horner may end up crazed and teams up with Emily Davis and at first, even if it seems they can’t stand each other, as they roll along, they end up with this type of bond. I’m sure that most people or everyone has seen them. It has plenty of action and violence. I love the chemistry between Horner & Davis. They couldn’t have been replaced for that role. No one could have done a better job. Go Gary! You’ll love the end! One of the best fitting scenes. I also admire Horner & Davis doing their own stunts, and studying martial arts, just to make 4 nights of a cult fighting scene. This one is definitely a winner! If you haven’t seen them, then I STRONGLY recommend that you do! Great film!