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October 18th

Happy First Anniversary to Us! October 18th will be one Year of Great Deconstructions!




We have a great show lined up to celebrate, with 2 fresh new comedian Virgins we will be sacrificing to the Comedy Gods so we can bring you  another fantastic year! I love these guys and I know you will to. I found them to be funny and have their own point of views on the world and I wanted them to share that with you. 3 Great improv teams, 2 long form and one special guest improv team! Ant then there are our Headliners for the night Jared and Jimmy!!! We are so Lucky to have such a great line up… these two will crack you up and they have the best sets to ever see deconstructed… So tell you Mother, tell your Friends, Invite total strangers… this will be one hell of a show!



Dave Townsend

is a newbie comic who shares a slightly warped stream of thoughts on growing up Gloucester, teaching English in the hood, mid-life crisis and politics. He isn’t easily scared but easily distracted and that accounts for much that he’s encountered in his ‘adventurous’ life.

We love Dave because he is an all around likable guy with nothing mean in his humor. When he is done his set you feel like you just made a new friend. you know more about him than you do some of your buddies.





Jared Bilski


This Comedian has been performing all over the area making audiences crack up. His facial expressions and characters he brings to the stage will be unforgettable. He gets his inspiration from everyday events and family situations. We saved him for this show because we want to kick this Birthday bash off right.  You do not want to miss this performers set being deconstructed. He is as smart as he is funny and will make you look at everyday life in a new light.




Deconstruction  by: Apocalips

is a long-form, improv group that hails from the fine city of Philadelphia. Formed in December of 2011, Apocalips (formally known as “Bandaid Charleson”) have performed a number of comedy showcases around the city, including F. Harold Comedy Festival, Polygon Comedy, Comedian Deconstruction, and The SideShow. A high-energy team of funny ladies with backgrounds in stand-up, storytelling,and everything in between – Apocalips aims to break boundaries and put the “fun” in to funny!

Karen Coleman
Jen Curcio
Mandy Dollar
Cara Schmidt
Lizzie Spellman
Becca Trabin


We have a halftime short form Improv show for you that is such a great treat for us to get to have on our show…




Mark and Dan share a lot with each other.

They share hopes. They share dreams. They share fears.

They share a common 4 x 5 walled partition.

Mark Bringhurst and Dan Stabb are the cubicle-bound neighbors of CUBED, workplace-comedy improv that relies heavily on audience suggestions and participation throughout the show. CUBED’s highly interactive performance allows the audience to write memos, provide their company’s name/service, and even become part of the show themselves.

Since CUBED’s debut in 2008, they have performed to rave reviews in theatres, coffeehouses, and festivals throughout the East Coast. Mark and Dan also teach improvisational classes and workshops. In addition to their performances as CUBED, the duo performs “Whose Line”-style shortform improv.





Dr. Tony

is a good friend to Comedian deconstruction and is as new as you can get to Stand up. He has been working on his set for this show for some time now. We want to give him a great big worm Debut performance that only a Comedian Deconstruction crowd can give. He is currently studying Improv and I pushed him into stand up open mics to get him to be on this show… Its our anniversary and he is giving us the gift of his Comedy virginity.






(My personal favorite comedian to ever be around) Jimmy has been making people laugh across the country for over 12 years. A whirlwind career that started as a member of The Murderers’ Row, a group of raw edge comics with members of the Howard Stern Show which developed into The Artie Lange & Friends Tour with stops @ Caroline’s in NY, Zanie’s in Chicago, The Egg in Albany and The Suncoast in Vegas. Now working as a solo act, Jimmy is a regular Headliner for Catch A Rising Star in Princeton, Atlantic City, and Reno as well as Catch’s Stand-Up Instructor, teaching and coaching the talented newcomers in comedy.
Between National touring dates Jimmy has made many television and Radio appearances such as The Ricky Lake Show, The Manhouse(Comedy Central), The Keeler Show(FOX), Opie & Anthony(XM), Kid Kris(WYSP), Scotty & Alex(WYSP), Angelo Cattaldi(WIP) and Steve Trevelise(WIP). Filmed dozens of commercials seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, Bio, WB, Fox, Food Network and SpikeTV. Movies were the inevitable next step with Disney’s “Invincible” being The Roundboy’s first of six motion pictures.





Deconstruction by Bed Savage aka The House Team:



Bed Savage is an independent improv group that was founded in the city of Philadelphia in 2011.  Bed Savage performs The Leonardo, a loose Armando, by taking an audience suggestion, transforming it into a very personal and intimate story, and then creating a world that has never and will never be seen again.

Featuring seven members, they have studied at PHIT (Philadelphia Improv Theater) & The Second City and draw inspiration from their very diverse personal and professional backgrounds.


Bed Savage is the house team for Comedian Deconstruction and has also performed at The PHIT Main Stage, The F Harold Improv Festival, The Cagematch, The Sideshow, and Connie’s Ric Rac.  Coached by Kristen Schier (The Kristen & Amie Show, The Philly N Crowd), Bed Savage is: Anthony Fedele, Nick George, Allison Homer, Steve Klarich, Sean Landis, R.J. Payne, and Caroline Rhoads.  Find Bed Savage on Facebook at