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October 16th 2014

The monthly Show running for over 3 years has been combining the talents of rising comedians from NY, PA , NJ and Boston with Imrpov from our house team Bed Savage the best team in Philadelphia at The Deconstruction format.
This month we have our Host Jess Carpenter, Headliner Julia Scotti, Featuring Alejandro Morales & Chanel Ali and every show has a Guest (VIRGIN) Comedian! There is no Comedy show anything like this. You will love the twist we put on a show.

2014 new formatOct

One of our all time favorite Comedians to bill is no other than Julia Scotti:

“Hilarious, powerful, dynamic, real…if you combine Sam Kinison and Mrs. Doubtfire you have Julia Scotti!” Julia has appeared on Comedy Central and was the winner of Showtime’s Funniest Person in America contest for New Jersey. Her amazing ability to tackle serious issues with extremely relatable humor has audiences of all ages falling in love with this “crazy old lady of comedy”. Julia performs all over the country and is a regular in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

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