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May Musical 2013


The Big May Musical!

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Christian Alsis is a comedian based in Philadelphia.  He is a member of the sketch group The Feeko Brothers, along with college roommate and all-around-good-guy Billy Bob Thompson. Together, the duo have performed in numerous sketch festivals including Chicago Sketchfest, the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and the Toronto Sketchfest.  The Feeko Brothers are also two time winners of “The Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia” contest at Philly Sketchfest.  When he isn’t taking credit for the Feeko Brothers’ achievements in his promotional bio, Christian Alsis also performs stand-up comedy

Dave T

I am Dave Terruso

Above you can see a picture of the entire front of my head, the front of my neck, and a good portion of the top of my chest and shoulders. The rest of me is just more of the same; I didn’t crop the picture to hide a robotic or octopusian rest-of-body.

I’m 33 years old and I live on Earth. (I wrote this in January of 2013, so depending on how many years later than that you’re reading this, add numbers to things where applicable.) I enjoy eggs, cookies, poker, fart jokes, and reading. I do not enjoy most cheeses, pain, wearing suits, and the movie Gothika.

I am a novelist/screenwriter. I studied creative writing under Justin Cronin, PEN/Hemingway Award-winning author of The Passage.

I am also a stand up comedian. I work at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, where I have opened for acts including Dana Gould, Charlie Murphy, and Richard Lewis.

I am also a sketch comedian. My sketch comedy duo Animosity Pierre have been praised by TIME Magazine and the Preston and Steve Morning Show. We were official selections of the 2010 Chicago Sketchfest and the 2010 San Francisco Sketchfest.

I also co-founded Philly Sketchfest, now in its fifth year. I also co-founded Comedy Month, the largest festival in Philadelphia dedicated solely to comedy.


Valerie DiMambro: Past New Yorker. Current Philadelphian. Laughing and running all the way home.
Valerie DiMambro is a comedian and storyteller currently living in Philadelphia and daydreaming about bacon, cats and the perfect filter. Valerie has been seen on the stage at Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club and Philly’s Johnny Brenda’s.


Tim Raymus is a Philadelphia-based songwriting comedian who started making waves on the local comedy scene in early 2012. With songs ranging from meeting new people to botching proposals in long-term relationships, Tim sings with a passion that is as fervent as it is absurd.  In July 2012, he joined the Philadelphia comedy group B.A. Comedian, who have recently started an open mic on Thursday nights at L2 with Jess Carpenter.


Cake Bear is an Improvisational Comedy group formed by people who have the ability to produce humorous and/or whimsical vignettes spontaneously without scripts or notes. Cake Bear is also the feeling you get when you wrap yourself up in a large terry cloth towel fresh out of the dryer.
The recipe for Cake Bear is as follows: Ryan T. Barlow, Quinton J. Alexander,Wendy Lenhart, Andrea Susnick, Joe Coughlin, Joe Spampinato … Mix vigorously. Microwave for 30 seconds on High.”

The Gang Bed Savage

Bed Savage is an independent improv group that was founded in the city of Philadelphia in 2011. Bed Savage performs The Leonardo, a loose Armando, by taking an audience suggestion, transforming it into a very personal and intimate story, and then creating a world that has never and will never be seen again. Featuring six members, they have studied at PHIT (Philadelphia Improv Theater) & The Magnet Theater and draw inspiration from their very diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Bed Savage is the house team for Comedian Deconstruction and has also performed at The PHIT Main Stage, The F Harold Improv Festival, The Cagematch, The Sideshow, Connie’s Ric Rac, and the Grape Room. Coached by Kristen Schier (The Kristen & Amie Show, The Philly N Crowd), Bed Savage is: Nick George, Claire Halberstadt,Jeff Kremzier, Sean Landis, R.J. Payne, and Caroline Rhoads. Find Bed Savage on Facebook at