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May 17th

Thursday May 17th …

 The Opening act will be: Brandon Cohill:

A member of the Philly Comedy Team, Brandon has opened for such acts as John Conte (The Sopranos), Gregory K (30Rock) and he’s has headlined at New York Comedy Club in NYC, where he is a regular performer. This April Brandon will be traveling with the Philly Comedy Team to do a stint of shows in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Deconstructed By:

Bed Savage: is one of Philadelphia’s newst improv groups. The eight members range in height from 5’1″ to 6’2″. Only a few members have long hair, but most members enjoy food.

The Second half of the May Musical will be:

Eddie Scanlan

Ed has been tearing up the stand-up scene for a little over two years now. However, he has been making people laugh since giving his mother wicked gas while in utero. His comedy stretches the spectrum from self-deprecation (he’s had a receding hairline since grade school), to scathing observations on pop culture (Keanu Reeves skills as a thespian), to absurdist analogies (how is a female orgasm similar to a Rubix Cube), to low-brow fart jokes (see previous sentence). He is a fan of George Carlin, Stephen Wright, Jess Carpenter, long walks on the beach, and run-on sentences. Scanlan’s act will definitely make you laugh, possibly make you guffaw, and certainly make you question what the hell is going on inside that bald head of his!

The Musical Improv Team Suggestical: An Improvised Musical”, Philadelphia’s premier musical improv trio, performs regularly at the Philly Improv Theater and was selected for the 2011 and 2012 Duofests. Suggestical improvises a completely original musical comedy based off of a short suggestion! Everything you see and hear- music, lyrics and dialogue- is being performed for the very first- and last- time!

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