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June 21st


June 21st

Host Jess Carpenter has assemble a great cast of characters for this months Comedian Deconstruction… Jess has been telling Stories and Jokes his whole life. Now he is just doing it on a stage. He will paint a picture of his family and his world. come for the stand up comedy and fall in love with  “improv comedy”.


is an up-and-coming independent improv team based in Philadelphia, making their mark on the city’s comedy scene with their fresh take on the classic Harold format. Featuring an eight-person lineup of players with a diverse set of improv skills and strengths, Malone is sure to leave audiences laughing long after they exit the stage.


Alejandro Morales

Alejandro Morales has been making people laugh for decades, and in 2009 he started telling jokes. His blend of storytelling and distasteful sexual puns has been seen in venues from New York City to Washington, DC. He currently hosts a stand-up showcase called Camp Tabu every second Friday of the month at Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar.



Julia Scotti

 Julia has been performing stand up since 1980, beginning her career at the Original Improvisation in New York’s “Hell’s Kitchen”. For most of her career she toured the country as Rick Scotti, headlining in clubs in both the United States and Canada. She has appeared on Comedy Central and Showtime, as the winner of “The Funniest Person in America” Contest for the state of New Jersey (she lost the nationals to Ellen de Generes).

In 2000, Julia left stand up as she began her life altering transition. Now, ten years later, she’s back now with a vengeance, bringing her high energy, highly manic stage persona back to the stand up stage.

In addition, she is currently hosting Julia Scotti’s Comedy Test Kitchen, her own weekly cabaret show in Center City Philadelphia, at the Dark Horse Pub, and is in development for her one woman show, “One Lousy Chromosome”, to debut in 2013. Julia’s blog, Julia Scotti-Inside and Out, is now being read regularly in over ten countries. For an old lady, she gets around, huh?

Big Comedian Deconstruction News:

Bed Savage first show as the Comedian Deconstruction House Team: Bed Savage is one of Philadelphia’s newst improv groups. The eight members range in height from 5’1″ to 6’2″. Only a few members have long hair, but most members enjoy food.