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July 19th 2012

It has been pointed out hair for hair that Jess Carpenter is not fit to perform in a show for Red Heads. Jess Carpenter was quoted saying something about pubic hair but then lost his train of thought during the conversation. Born a natural blond, this is a defect he has.

Therefore, Your Host for the Thursday July 19th Comedian Deconstruction is a good friend of the show and all around funny Ginger doing shows all over the area and even has his own FREE COMEDY SHOW AT THE DIVE BAR…

Alex Pearlman

So come on Out and support this Motley Crew of Red Locks!




Opening Comedian Phyllis Voren: Phyllis Voren – Among Phyllis Voren’s credits are entertaining U.S. troops in the Arctic Circle; performing in a Ritz Crackers commercial with Andy Griffith; doing improv at The Comedy Store in L.A. and being a regular performer at Dangerfields Comedy Club in NY.



Deconstructed Comedian Paul Easton: Paul Easton is an up-and-coming comic that has been performing in and around the Philadelphia area for just over a year. He performs regularly at venues in the city including Helium and NoChe and has also hosted Laughs on Fairmount on numerous occasions. Paul’s stoic and low-energy style has been described by some as being unique and compelling. Others believe his demeanor is more consistent with that of a serial killer than someone who tells jokes for others’ pleasure. When not doing comedy, Paul is an administrator in the dental field which, like comedy, is noted for its high rate of depression and suicide.
 Deconstructed By Whisper

Maggy Keegan is currently a member of the Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) house team King Friday and a PHIT instructor. She studied improv and sketch with iO West, The Groundlings and Second City. At iO West she performed regularly with Pretty Bird, Popular Science, Days of Passion
(an Improvised Soap Opera), The Hortons and Spirit Fingers. She also hosted The Maggy Keegan Variety Hour, which features singing, dancing and sketches, and Pretty Bird Presents: Two for the Show, an evening of fabulous two person improv. Maggy co-produced the annual Del Close
Awards ceremony in 2009 as well as the Annual Holiday Revue for iO West and has performed at the Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, the Del Close Marathon in New York, The Vancouver Improv Festival, the Philadelphia Improv Festival and the Chicago Improv Festival. She is a
writer for the on-line magazine Say Something Funny B*tch. Originally hailing from Michigan, Maggy studied religion in college and worked a variety of non-profit jobs before pursuing acting.

Jason Grimley is a founding member of the Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) house team King Friday, the duo Grimacchio and a PHIT instructor. He studied improv at the Bang Theater and iO West in Los Angeles. During his time at Bang he performed in 60 Minutes, Zodiac Thrillers, The DM
Project, How To Be Very Very Popular, The Deconstruction, The Big Show and their flagship group – Ka-Blam. He also performed in May Fly at the Hot House and the Perfect Circus at the Knitting Factory. Jason has performed in Trokia, The Philadelphia Improv Festival, The Boston Improv Festival, The Chicago Improv Festival, The Del Close Marathon, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Duo Fest, The F Harold Festival and The Philadelphia Fringe Festival. He made his improv
directorial debut in 2011 at the Fringe Festival with Dark Comedy, PHIT’s first production of The Bat.

The Second Half 


Opening act T.J. Hurley: is a part time comic and full time space traveller. His measurements are 7 3/4 (head), 34 (waist), 10 1/2 (shoe). He likes cats and hot dogs. He dislikes coffee and anxiety.




Deconstructed Comedian Joseph Dougherty: Joey Dougherty started doing comedy at age 16. after more than five years of work Joey has all most nothing to show for it. But will that slow him down… Maybe. Also Joey is very uncomfortable writing about himself.



Bed Savage House Team:


Bed Savage is an independent improv group that was founded in the city of Philadelphia in 2011.  Bed Savage performs The Leonardo, a loose Armando, by taking an audience suggestion, transforming it into a very personal and intimate story, and then creating a world that has never and will never be seen again.


Featuring seven members, they have studied at PHIT (Philadelphia Improv Theater) & The Second City and draw inspiration from their very diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

Bed Savage is the house team for Comedian Deconstruction and has also performed at The PHIT Main Stage, The F Harold Improv Festival, The Cagematch, The Sideshow, and Connie’s Ric Rac.  Coached by Kristen Schier (The Kristen & Amie Show, The Philly N Crowd), Bed Savage is: Anthony Fedele, Nick George, Allison Homer, Steve Klarich, Sean Landis, R.J. Payne, and Caroline Rhoads.  Find Bed Savage on Facebook at