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February 8th (Wed Show)

Marriage and Dating from His Point of View!

With opening act  The New Dreamz: a performance team comprised of Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. They make videos and perform live. Most of their work is funny on purpose. The New Dreamz have had an LA mini tour, they have opened for Fred Armisen and have performed at PS1 MoMA in Brooklyn. or Find them on Facebook! 


Jason has been accused of being ANGRY! This accusation has been leveled by his wife, his children, his therapist, club bookers, other comedians, his audiences and random people he passes on the street. He would probably live longer if he just calmed down, but if he did he wouldn’t be able to bring his brand of high energy comedy to the stage.


ApocaLIPS: is an all-female, long-form, improv group that hails from the fine city of Philadelphia. Formed in December of 2011, ApocaLIPS (formally known as “Bandaid Charleson”) have performed a number of Comedy Showcases around the city, including Polygon Comedy, Comedian Deconstruction, and The SideShow – and they’re only getting started! A ragtag team of funny ladies with backgrounds in stand-up, storytelling, and everything in between – ApocaLIPS aims to break boundaries and put the “fun” in to funny!

The LIPS: Karen Coleman, Jen Curcio, Mandy Dollar, Cara Schmidt, Lizzie Spellman, Becca Trabin

Darryl Charles
 : Our Newly Married all around funny guy! 
Darryl is one of those comedians in The Philadelphia area that has been winning awards and contests with his personal brand of comedy, he is also a short and long form Improviser as well as making videos with other talented comedians. He is a  hosts at Helium Comedy Club (the bast comedy venue in Philadelphia.)  Darryl’s style is all his, he is a joke teller , a story teller, and a very expressive body and face the whole time. This newlywed will be bringing you into his life through his set.

Deconstructed By Rintersplit: (winter with an “R”, split like a log) is a fots of lun bass ackwards comedy improv group. Cooked up in 2010 from the Incubator in Philadelphia, Rintersplit is made up of Matt Akana, Joe Gates, and Marc Reber. Rintersplit is coached by Rick Horner. Watch as they perform their homegrown form “The Split” with their made up splintered wit.

This Improv group is know for building a story that is entertaining and sometimes historically accurate…hmmm


Your Guest host will be non other than LaTice

LaTice was born and raised in the suburbs of South Jersey and has turned the challenges of being black in a white neighborhood into comedy. Her conversational style makes you feel like you’re in her living room laughing about her interracial marriage, being a parent, reality TV, and her day-to-day encounters with racism. LaTice will pull you right into her world the minute she steps on stage, with her zest for life and positive energy. She has crowds laughing out loud until she says goodnight.



This Months New Comedian  Showcase set will be:  Ed Blanchard

We want to give Ed a worm welcome to the comedy community and this  show will be a great theme for his style of comedy…Ed is a natural funny man who is finally taking his act to the stage. You’ll have to laugh at his unique observations of the crazy world surrounding an average white guy. His family, friends, and any and all strangers he encounters are all open game. If there is one thing he has opinions on, it’s relationships.