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Feb 21 2013

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Joe BellJoe Bell: is a comedian. He tells jokes into microphones all over the city of Philadelphia. He coruns an open mic on Sunday nights at Fergies Pub called Tight Six and a monthly variety show the last Wednesday of every month at Chris Jazz Cafe called Not Jazz.



Chris Rich:We are very lucky and privileged to get the fantastically funny Chris Rich… As a result of winning the prestigious Ladies of Laughter Contest, a national comedy competition held at Caesar’s Palace, Chris was give a long-running spot on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. She’s also appeared as a featured comedian on ABC’s “The View” and on The Lifetime Network. She’s worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Sherman Hemsley, Joy Behar, Gilbert Gottfried, Roseanne, and Tony Danza, to name a few.

Her performing career started, however, as a theatrical “triple-threat”: an actress, singer, and dancer in an endless stream of drama, opera, improvisational theater, and musicals: “I did ‘Oklahoma’ so many times I qualified for Farm Aid.” Those years of study and training led to becoming part of a resident company at The Walnut Street Theatre, The Trenton Civic Opera, Bucks County Playhouse, and productions at The Actors’ Playhouse in NYC.
Find out more about our headlining lady!

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Cake Bear is an Improvisational Comedy group formed by people who have the ability to produce humorous and/or whimsical vignettes spontaneously without scripts or notes. Cake Bear is also the feeling you get when you wrap yourself up in a large terry cloth towel fresh out of the dryer.
The recipe for Cake Bear is as follows:  Ryan T. Barlow, Quinton J. Alexander,Wendy Lenhart, Andrea Susnick, Joe Coughlin
Joe Spampinato … Mix vigorously. Microwave for 30 seconds on High.”


Alison Lynn Sideman opener.
alisonAlison Zeidman is an emerging stand-up comedian from Philadelphia, PA. She tells jokes about her unhealthy relationships with various social media platforms, the drunken compliments she gives herself, being literally chased by the fella who loves her, how she feels about the person who mugged her last summer, and more.
Alison began doing comedy in 2011 with independent Philadelphia improv team Malone, performing the classic “Harold” format. In 2012, in addition to performing with Malone she formed the improv duo Steve Rogers is Dead, and joined acclaimed Philadelphia short-form improv team The N Crowd. She’s also been seen recently in the 2012 Philly Improv Theater Fringe Festival production Myths & Monsters, and the sold-out final installment of the monthly Philadelphia stand-up comedy showcase Hey Everybody!.
When she’s not performing, Alison spends her time at her day job and working online as Editor in Chief of, a blog founded by Philadelphia comedians to report on and promote the city’s local comedy scene.



730656_10151387360829976_1224511768_nChip Chantry
When Chip Chantry began his stand up comedy career, he was a fourth grade teacher by day. Between the two jobs, he spent every day and night working to captivate unruly crowds. That experience has paid off, as Chip now performs in theaters and clubs across the country. A regular at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, he is a five-time finalist in their annual Philly’s Phunniest Competition. He was also named “Best Stand Up Comedian in Philadelphia” at the first annual “WitOut” comedy awards show in 2012.
In 2012, Chip released his first live comedy album, ACROSS FROM THE ADONIS, which is available on iTunes. Chip has been seen on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and the local DigPhilly NBC TV.
As a writer, Chip has written humor columns for blogs such as, which named his twitter account one of the “Top 12 Twitter Accounts in Philadelphia” for 2012.
Oh, and go buy his album right now. He could use some cash.


 Bed Savage: Bed Savage is an independent improv group that was founded in the city of Philadelphia in 2011. Bed Savage performs The Leonardo, a loose Armando, by taking an audience suggestion, transforming it into a very personal and intimate story, and then creating a world that has never and will never be seen again. Featuring six members, they have studied at PHIT (Philadelphia Improv Theater) & The Magnet Theater and draw inspiration from their very diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Bed Savage is the house team for Comedian Deconstruction and has also performed at The PHIT Main Stage, The F Harold Improv Festival, The Cagematch, The Sideshow, Connie’s Ric Rac, and the Grape Room. Coached by Kristen Schier (The Kristen & Amie Show, The Philly N Crowd), Bed Savage is: Nick George, Claire Halberstadt,Jeff Kremzier, Sean Landis, R.J. Payne, and Caroline Rhoads. Find Bed Savage on Facebook at


Big news: Well if you know my show you know I love to offer a brand new comedian that I find really funny a chance to gt some stage time in front of a great audience like you people… I call it the offering of a Virgin some call it 5 min of stage time… well I found a real Gem…

546407_10150808474343278_431240643_nCarolyn Redmond’s comedic style can best be described as an observation on the human condition. She’s adept at making fun of the things we all say and do, taking a “we’re all in this together” view and bringing audiences in on the joke.

Here is a fun fact I found out about her: She cant smell anything like color blind but with smell.