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Dec 20th 2012

Girls Girls Girls & Bed Savage

Girls Girls Girls and Bed Savage
We have a great show for you this month and man can I say this line up should not be Missed!
(Kind of a Pun if you think real hard.)

Recap of Girls Girls Girls & Bed Savage


Our Host for the Nigh: Belynda Cleare

BelyndaBelynda has been entertaining and making people laugh most of her life. Originally from a small rural community in Canada, Belynda’s comedy routine is based on a hilarious blend of stories from her outrageous family, her unique childhood in Canada, her exciting role as a mother, and her extraordinary understanding of human nature.  Belynda performs at Corporate Events, Private Parties, and Fundraisers and in Comedy Clubs and Colleges, throughout Canada and the US.

Belynda has mastered the ability to merge her love of making people laugh with her commitment to helping others discover their true passion and live their ultimate life. Her comedic interpretation is based on an observation of people and life delivered in a wild, intellectual, and hysterical style.  She has utilized her background in Psychology, being a Mental Health advocate  and work as a Counselor to become a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, making her a highly sought after comic, speaker and consultant with her primary focus being Wellness through Mind, Body and Spirit. Belynda is determined to enlighten and inspire the world either through laughter, motivation or Education.

Belynda is also  a soon to be a published author inspired and mentored by Terrie Williams, author of Black Pain and CEO of  one of the largest PR firms in the country. Belynda is a serial entrepreneur, starting with her first business at 8years old and continuing with a successful consultant business holding contracts with the State and Federal Governments. Belynda’s success is based on determination, dedication, hard work, being fearless of failure, and her ability to find laughter in any situation.


This month’s Virgin to offer to the Comedy gods is a girl I fell in love with at an open mic and she is working on a set just for this show that I am sure you will love.


Cecily Chapman:
Cecily is one of the newer comedians in the Philadelphia area. Her comedy is based on her own life experiences and observations.   Comedy has made her life lighter and brighter and that’s what she hopes to do for others.


My Good friend who I started comedy with is gracing us with her presence… I tried to get her on before and now we are very privileged to get her on the stage to “Deconstruct”!
Erin Mulville:
Erin brings smart, honest comedy to stages everywhere. She has studied and performed with Second City improv troupe of Chicago. Erin has performed in some of the best clubs in the Philadelphia and New York City area.


If you are a comedian if the Philadelphia area you will run across my good friend trying to work on her jokes at any open mic or stage you can find… I think she has so much to offer with her point of view…
Nicole Yates:
Nicole started making people laugh when her father would bring her along to the bar as a little kid and never slowed down. She has performed all over the tristate area and her slightly skewed view of the world makes audiences of all ages crack up. When she is not out on the road doing standup or  storytelling, she can be found at Laughs On Fairmount in Philadelphia, where she is a regular. When not out making people laugh or writing tv scripts (or foodblogging over at DidjaEat?), she likes to collect toy robots and yoyos.


Then there is Mary… She has been working on her craft and making me laugh every time I see her. I love her style and her point of view… Anyone can relate to what she has to say and I am sure the deconstruction of her set will be one show not to miss.

Mary Radzinski:
Mary is a Philadelphia based stand up comedian from upstate New York. With a unique perspective and laid back, deliberate style, Mary’s comedy has been described as the “personification of a wink”.

In 2012 she attended the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival where she was selected to perform in the NCCAF All-Star Talent Showcase with Eddie Brill. She also attended the 2012 Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, the 2012 Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, 2012 Boston Comedy Festival, and was a semi-finalist in the 2012 She-Devil Comedy Festival.

She is a co-host of the weekly open mic called, “Laughs on Fairmount”.




The Best news of all and I am so frigging excited that we have my favorite improv team hands down.


Kristen and Amie, Amie and Kristen

“Best friends, total babes, and improvisers Amie Roe and Kristen Schier perform an organic and fluid improv comedy show that’s been featured in theater festivals throughout the United States and Canada (eh!). They deliver improvised comedy that is part best girlfriend, part social commentary, and mostly id.


We cannot be Comedian Deconstruction without our fantastic House team!

Bed Savage is an independent improv group that was founded in the city of Philadelphia in 2011. Bed Savage performs The Leonardo, a loose Armando, by taking an audience suggestion, transforming it into a very personal and intimate story, and then creating a world that has never and will never be seen again. Featuring seven members, they have studied at PHIT (Philadelphia Improv Theater) & The Second City and draw inspiration from their very diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Bed Savage is the house team for Comedian Deconstruction and has also performed at The PHIT Main Stage, The F Harold Improv Festival, The Cagematch, The Sideshow, and Connie’s Ric Rac. Coached by Kristen Shier (The Kristen & Amie Show, The Philly N Crowd), Bed Savage is: Claire Halberstadt, Nick George, Allison Homer, Jeff Kremzier, Sean Landis, R.J. Payne, and Caroline Rhoads. Find Bed Savage on Facebook