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Dec 2013 Girls Girls Girls

Girls Girls Girls


The Yearly “All Woman” Show! We love our Ladies of Laughter and the perspective they give us. Funny is funny is how we see it at Comedian Deconstruction, But this show is so all those hard working ladies out there can cut loose have drinks and have a great time with humor they can associate with just a little bit more than most.
Let’s have a great time with a fun twist. Last year’s Virgin (New Comer Comedian) spot was held by this year’s Host Cecily Chapman who has been working hard and making them laugh… Our Headliner Belynda Cleare just off her One woman show is ready to get Deconstructed by Bed Savage the Greatest Improv group in Philadelphia!

We have Rachel Fogletto and Phyliis Voren who run great shows in the city, tell funny jokes to stranger and have Ovaries!

We are Lucky to have a new Female Virgin comedian to sacrifice to the Comedy Gods Lisa Metzger who studied improv and was a Punk girl back in the day, and a guest comedian who is new to the area and the scene Michele Alberto

Tell your Friends Support our little show and remember the Doors open at 7:30 the show starts Promptly at 8:10!

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