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November 19th

6 generations of comedians performing for
Bed Savage to “Deconstruct”!

The Comedian Deconstruction Anniversary show has something for each generation! We have 6 generations of comedians performing a little something for Bed Savage to “Deconstruct”! This show has been quoted as most unique show in town, was nominated for Best new format in the New Zealand international comedy festival and all this is available to you this month for FREE! Thats right I have no idea how to make money with a comedy show but I do know how to put on one hell of a show! Share this and tell your friends!

Its with great Pride that I am having my 4th Anniversary show for Comedian Deconstruction. I created this show to combine improv and stand up comedy in order to get my friends in both circles more stage time. I can’t say it’s been easy but it has been worth it. I don’t think I ever made a profit, but I did provide a lot of comedians in Philadelphia a warm and welcoming room to push themselves to perform longer sets. I am proud that my show has always given the best slot during the show to a Virgin/New Comedian so they can fall in love with the feeling of a crowd laughing at the jokes they worked so hard on in the open mics. (best feeling in the world)! We have raised money for the PSPCA, and even got a dog adopted with some free dog training!
I am beyond grateful to Bed Savage for being the greatest Improv group in Philadelphia and keeping my format alive and strong. To my peeps keeping the lights going in the back over the years and more recently my man Ron Kelly who literally said he was such a fan of the show he wanted to be my light guy and is one hell of a believer in this show I call my baby. (Its really hard to light and host and do it all by myself!) I have always found myself as a one man band as they say, thanks to people like Ron and Sean Mulholland for just stepping in to be a part of what I am trying to do means I am doing something right. Now with Joke Gym my other dream show I get to help make Philadelphia an even funnier town and I have a place to get my Virgin comedians from. Most importantly thanks everyone who has supported the show and to hopefully see a packed house this month’s show is free! Tell your friends lets make this a great night. The lineup is going to be a celebration of time I have comedians from the age of 16 all the way to 61!

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