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Ticket Sales

The Blue Room is on the main stage at “The Grape Room”

The show is on the 4th Tuesdays of the month.

To find out more about the show contact Jess @ 267-978-3391
0r email him @

We will donate ALL “Online” ticket sales to
We want to help all those poor Dogs and Cats that have nothing to give but LOVE, a chance to get into a loving home. We are happy to have you at the show more than we want your money.


Option 2: If you want to donate to them directly that is fine as well we will let you in free as well, Just bring your printed receipt for the donation made the same month as the show and you are in!


Tickets are $10 at the Door and $5 on line,edadoption the space is limited so get them why they are available.

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