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July Show Jess Carpenters Midlife Crisis!


Welcome to Comedian Deconstruction a Fun Night Out in Philadelphia!

Comedian Deconstruction a One of a Kind Comedy Show Production

 The monthly Show running for over 3 years has been combining the talents of rising comedians and imrprov talent from NY, PA , NY and Boston with Imrpov from our house team Bed Savage the best team in Philadelphia at The construction format.

All online sales go to the PSPCA and you end up paying only $5 a ticket everyone wins.
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junedeconThis month Love and Relationships is the Theme!
We have:


Single/ Divorced Vickie Fernandez


Vickie Fernandez is a writer and performer. Her stories have appeared in a number of publications you’ve probably never heard of, but should check out. When she’s not working on her memoir and wrangling new unruly tales into submission you can find her performing her comedic stories all over Philadelphia.


She’s performed at Comedy-Gasm, Chaos Comedy, Fibber, Touch Me Philly Productions, Tell Me A Story and is a regular at Jaime Fountaine’s monthly storytelling series Second Stories.


Above all else, Vickie believes that if something scares you then you have to do it. Making the transition into comedy scares the crap out of her. So, it must be done.


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Shacked up couple Valerie DiMambro and Dugan McShain


Labeled the most awesome power couple in Philadelphia Comedy History. These two beautiful people co-host the Sunday Funnies and are an unstoppable force of good times and great vibes. Everyone who meets them says the same thing. “You guys are perfect for each other!” Let’s see if they stand up to the test…. 

Married Matt McCusker

One of our Favorite local comedian and rising stars. He performs all over and runs shows in the area. WeLove this Guy!


No show would be complete without Bed Savage The House improv Team! 

All online sales go to the PSPCA and you end up paying only $5 a ticket everyone wins.
Get your Tickets Today!